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2015-03-30T01:10:00Z /Listen: Ogg Xx05 / Speex Xx05

Everything you ever wanted to know about hard drives and filesystems.

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UDF spec
2015-03-15T20:31:20Z /Listen: Ogg Xx04gccld / Speex Xx04gccld

HOWTO link to libraries using relative paths. That's all. That's the entire episode.

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2015-03-02T18:42:32Z \/Listen: Ogg Xx04 \/ Speex Xx04

Klaatu talks about packaging techniques, portable apps and App Images, ldd, LD_PATH. For the noobs, he covers EVERY possible way you can install applications on Linux.

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The App Image project.
The Nixstaller
2015-02-15T19:09:00Z \/Listen: Ogg Xx03 \/ Speex Xx03

Klaatu talks about distributions, and what they mean to Linux users and the corporations who might want to deliver products to them. And then for the noobs, an explanation of how dot-desktop files work and how you can leverage them.

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Watch the video on Scannerdrome for better bandwidth. desktop-entry spec
2015-02-02T14:08:32Z This episode is video only. Maybe watch it on Scannerdrome

A little GIMP tutorial for you. Since this is such a visual tutorial, this is only being released in the video feed.

Demo photo (Scarecrow) by Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Field 01) by Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Field 02) Cyanide Cupcake
Demo photo (Laketown) by Cyanide Cupcake
2015-02-01T20:30:53Z /Listen: Ogg Xx02 / Speex Xx02

Klaatu tries out a neat init hack, demonstrates how to type non-ascii ("special characters") characters on Linux, reviews his experience of spending the past 7 months with the Dvorak keyboard layout, and talks about learning curves and change.

Watch this space for a bonus GIMP-tutorial episode, coming soon (that's two episodes this fortnight, for the price of one).

Useful compose key combos
Compose Key Table
2015-01-19T00:05:51Z Listen: Ogg Xx01 \/ Speex Xx01

Klaatu muses about the Hacker and Maker cultures, demonstrates how to install fonts, and gives a demonstration of Krita.

Did you know that Krita has just won the ImagineFX Magazine Artist Choice Award? ImagineFX is by no means an Open Source -centric magazine, so this is frankly a huge win for the Krita team!

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Mozilla Webmaker
2015-01-12T00:32:36Z /Listen:Ogg Xx00a / Speex Xx00a

Stand-by for a brief station announcement.

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2015-01-01T17:38:29Z /Listen:Ogg Xx00 / Speex Xx00

The 10th season is here, compleat with a VIDEO FEED created on Free Software exclusively. Sign up for its Atom Feed at or for its RSS Feed at

In this episode, Klaatu talks about Systemd, and does a demo on how to kill applications, and a demo on writing a Systemd script.

ogg 00e6e84ea22a1a4bb84f077053f84c55ac9321839fbeaef3f6c639f5e5ebabe4
speex b75828d0b3d764e39fd8ece0434d49ff87bd4741507a711a43bfb905934a0875
Systemd Myths
Tannenbaum vs Torvalds