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2016-09-18T23:08:06Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x1 \/ Speex 11x1

WSL, and the nifty makeself utility.

shasum -a256:
ogg 72a4f9eb356db6cededc839a7893d489b8c9d759d7b75f9e457012e09d8e570b
spx 08fb4bac64f269be19c6d374ed24c7a1754d89a50221b0bfc8aac27f391b7eb5
2016-09-03T13:08:06Z \/Listen: Ogg 11x0 \/ Speex 11x0

Klaatu is back after a longer-than-planned hiatus. In this episode, he raves about Slackware, and reviews the PocketCHIP.

shasum -a256:
ogg 9d99f49a81035f9085e66fd17aadaab5e14046befdf8444d85d63707d708acb7
spx b8b7561567b81f390ad8930e80c6d08f01b6a76653df7cdb20c19fddf679706c
Slackware 14.2
2016-09-02T11:11:11Z Read all about it:

And we're back! Klaatu has a fancy new podcast auto-editing system (not really that fancy: it's just a shell script and a really basic sox commands, but maybe it will get fancy later) to enable him to podcast in about half the time. Get your catchers ready.